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What's The Harm In Believing

Why do I feel so empty?
Is it because thereís nothing left to fill me up?
Have I only been chasing after memories?
And collection dust?
Only because I need someone
To take me from what I am
And to show me that thereís more to life
Than being only just a friend
And I try to put myself out there
But the pain just pulls me in
Into a world that I so closely know
Myself within
And everything I am familiar with
Just isnít good enough to make me happy
So I sit and fade and crumble away
Into a world that I call misery
Which is better than what I used to know
A life living all alone
And every time I try to believe in myself
I always come out cold
And I was bounded in a life of pain
A life with no meaning
And every time I felt hopeless
I always came out believing
But whatís the harm in believing
In yourself or in your life
But every time I do believe
Iím never right
About everything I thought there was
Has faded away
Into dust
Another joke
As what I translate as today
And everything I knew there was
I must have suddenly missed
But what if everything that we all believe in
Just doesnít exist

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