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I'm Back CrazyCat33

You thought you were something to be appreciated
Well you were wrong
Thinking you were something more
Something so strong
Something that everyone
Wanted to be
Something much more
But thatís a fantasy
You tried to fit in
And make your space
So no one could every
Take your place
But your place is gone
Swallowed in the world
As you chant on and on
About imaginary girls
That you never had
That you never knew
As all these lies
Trace back to you
And you never could be
Something that you think you are
Gloating around
Like a shining star
But that star is faded
Dead and buried
Along with all the stories
You told in a hurry
But your star has now fallen
From the sky
As you sit around
And wonder why
No one likes you
How very sad
That all of us have had things
That you never had
But itís truth beheld
The kinds of words
That you have said
And we have heard
That no one likes you
Oh weíre all sorry
Go run to
Your loving mommy
The only girl youíll ever have
Who wont turn you down for who you are
But I believe the sky has fallen
Along with all the pathetic stars
But I must apologize
For my cruelty
But this is my clever way of saying
ďIím Back CrazyCat33Ē

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