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Maybe Someday

Maybe someday I can love myself
And my insecurities wont take over my whole life
And I wont have to walk around like all of you
And be labeled as a stereotype
But the thought of myself exceeding
Past the expectations of my peers
Just bewilders me past all conclusions
Of being one of those whose feared
But maybe someday I will defeat you
Don’t underestimate the silent type
Because you don’t know what my strengths and weaknesses are
So I advise you to stay out of my life
And maybe someday I will make a difference
And I will exceed the limits in which are expected
And maybe someday you wont need a bodyguard
Because you could be gallantly unprotected
Like the rest of the society
Who protect themselves through themselves
Who don’t rely on other people
To nurture someone else
Because no one is safe anymore
The world is falling apart
But maybe someday someone can love someone else
Without breaking their crumbled heart
And maybe someday I can rule the world
As if my dreams were reality
And maybe someday I can love someone
If I loved them before loving me
And maybe someday I can live my life
As though I wasn’t always just another person
And maybe someday I can see the world
And the depths of all the oceans
But “Maybe Someday” will never come
And the worlds will never see
The dreams and stories that I closely know
In my world of fantasy

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13–John Andrew Fowler

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