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Iíve Ran Out Of Reasons To Cry

I am now immune from you
You canít hurt me anymore
You canít make me put my feelings inside
Like you could before
I have found a new road
Thatís faster and not as rough
Because you pushed me harder than anyone
And I have had enough
Enough of you
Enough of me
Falling into the arms of sympathy
And I ask go why he has given me
So many opportunities to cry
And everyone keeps telling me
To let go and say goodbye
But it was hard for me to let go of you
Because my grasp was never loose
But one day I finally realized
That I donít deserve all this abuse
But finally I let go
For good
Not just for a little while
And then I finally experienced
What it was like to fell a smile
Now I can define happiness
Like I was happy all of this time
And I finally know how to live my life
As if it was always mine
And then I felt like I was finally living
And I didnít have to work so hard to be happy
And the for once I knew who I was
And I felt like I was me
And now I am a happy person
Because I said goodbye
Now I am I again
Because Iíve ran out of reasons to cry
And now my life belongs to me
Because I am happy

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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