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Running Away Once Again

Once again I am a victim
All alone with things on my mind
And apparently no one cares what I have to say
So why should I be kind?
And once again I end up hurt
Because I kept my feelings to myself
And once again Ive surrendered
Because the actions of someone else
Surprise surprise I say again
Ive wound up isolated and confined
And once again I feel the same
And no one seems to mind
And once again I repeat myself
Have you heard me?
Cause I am talking to you
And once again I end up like the rest
Because nothing anymore is true
But sourly thinking thoughts of callous
My happiness turns to sorrow
And once again people judge me
People with hearts of hallow
And once again I renew a friendship
A friendship that was never true
And once again I run away
But always come back to you
And once again I scare myself
Away from what I fear
And once again I drip away
Through every single tear
And once again I lose myself again
And once again I run away
Fall away
Never stay
With you
And once again I crawl away
With pieces of only you
And once again I tire myself out
Working so hard to be happy
And once again I lose faithfulness
As I run away with me
And once again I lose contact
With the person that I am
And once again I chase after myself
As I run away once again

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13

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