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Fake To The Core

Donít make friends with the wrong people
People who use you
And carry lies
People who save their comments and insults
And reveal them at no compromise
Donít make friends with people who judge you
Before they know you well enough to judge
Because in the end someone always gets hurt
And someone always holds a grudge
Donít make friends with people just like you
Because youíll get bored of hanging with someone the same
And donít make friends with old enemies
Because thereís always that memory of pain
I learned my lesson the hard way
I made a friend so fake to the core
That they crushed my spirit
Crushed my heart
Crushed my soul
And now Iím sore
But could the problem be me?
Am I scaring away my friends?
Am I going in the wrong direction?
Only to face one big dead end
Could I be my only problem?
Could I be someone else?
With me being my biggest predicament
With no one to face but myself
Or could it be you my unloyal friend
Slicing through my heart like a knife
But thatís not the kind of friend I want
Right now in my troubled life

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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