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You donít love me do you?
Wait donít answer that
Itís clear to be
I was foolish enough to think this was love
I guess I can never rely on a dream
A dream of pure happiness
Well dreams arenít reality
And now I understand those people
Who talk about their broken hearts
And now I know why people give into misery
Because hearts die and fall apart
And yes weíre all in love eventually
Our hearts sometimes break and crumble down
And yes, itís happened to me
Because eventually our hearts give up
And then they crumble down and die
And though itís happened to all of us
We sometimes cover it up with lies
Well thatís not the kind of person I am
Iím warning because itís true
And I used to think I was a happy person
But it will happen to you
Because we all end up brokenhearted
Brokenhearted in the end
Because words are constantly repeated
ďItís not you, itís meĒ
Or ďLets only just be friendsĒ
Well thatís not good enough for true love
Love needs and alibi
So try to fix your problems
Or itís time to say goodbye
I was forced to say goodbye to that person
Emotionally not physically
Because afterwards I gave up on love
I gave up on trust
And gave up on me
And in the future I realized it wasnít love
Because it was over before it started
So I sit writing this alone in my room
Confused and brokenhearted

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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