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My Unperfected World

Iíll die
Donít cry
Let me fry
Let me spirit exceed into the sky
Let me leave this awful place
Let absence accept my uneager face
Because no one cares if Iím alive
So why should keep longing to strive
Because apparently I have been erased
And no one will no longer remember my face
Because my eyes are brimmed
But no longer seen
So why should I try not to be so mean
Because no oneís overlooked to hesitate
So why should I contradict this debate
Because the world would be better off without me
To let it crumble down
And youíll let me be
So I no longer have to hesitate
Whether I will love or hate
No I have made up my troubled mind
And no longer I am so very kind
Because I will give back what the world has given me
A broken heart
And self pity
So donít chore yourselves to sympathize
Because I have lost all youth and all my time
And I have receive nothing but pain and sorrow
So I will plant it in your hearts and let you borrow
And I will give you what youíve given me
And soon it will cover all vicinities
And the world will know that it has caused such pain
And have held me down in callous chains
And has strangled me from my life
My youth
And soon fait will know the honest truth
And will know what is by fact to come
But no ones who loved
Just only some
The some that have taken it upon themselves
To justify someone else
When I have done nothing I think is wrong
But push my heart to becoming strong
But too bad for those who have something to say
Because my conclusions are what ends my day
And no longer I will grieve in pain
Because your sunny days are now only rain
And Iíve just given you what youíve given me
A world without love and sympathy

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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