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Mistaken Friend

You put on an act
For the world to see
To try to corrupt
The anger in me
You try to say what I donít want to hear
Until you win the debate
You forced me to that line in life
When I have no choice but to hate
You cowardly possess these stories
That force people to sympathize
To get you out of consciences
Before we all open out eyes
But my eyes are entirely wide open
To see what kind of monster you are
Now I know who you think you can be
Someone who can crush my heart
But Iím stronger than the rest of the world
And I know what has to be done
To put you out in the open
So you no longer number one
You see Iím stronger than the games you play
I know how to recognize
That every word you speak of
Is only just a lie
But no longer I will suffer
I will be the bigger man
So no one will ever fall for you games
Because we all now understand
That you are only someone callous
So pathetic and so untrue
That it gives me one big quiver
To know someone like you
But I know deep down inside my heart
That I need to know who I am
So I can never such a wrong accusation
To mistake you as my friend
I am gonna try to erase you
From my thoughts, my mind, and my head
And not try to bring you down with me
I will forget your existence instead
So I no longer have to know you
And I can move on with who I am
And never make such a wrong accusation
To mistake you as my friend

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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