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All At Lost Is Me

I have made it to the point in life
When I donít understand why I am living
To when Iíve become so selfish
I have just given up on giving
I donít bother to recommend myself
And I have given up when the battle is won
Because I have reached the point in my empty life
That nothing is no longer fun
Because I cant find the point in living
If I will eventually die
And I canít find the point in being myself
If myself I cannot find
Because through the view of my own eyes
I see all that is lost
Ego damaged people
Who feel they arenít worth the cost
Because Iíve become one of those people
Who cry just for sympathy
Because being myself has gotten me nowhere
And all at lost is me
No one will ever miss my questioning mind
And no one will ever bother to say
ďThat person has made a differenceĒ
Because life doesnít work that way
And I feel I only love others
So I would get some love in return
Because my pointless life is meaningless
And nothing I have learned
So my mirror can be my example
Of what I never want to be
So why not change my personality
Because all at lost is me

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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