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You broke me
I feel apart from what you said
Yes I heard
I heard you wishing I were dead
You damaged me
I am now less than what I used to see
Because you have totally shattered the image
Of what I thought I could be
You destroyed me
I used to be so much more
Now I am locked outside of faithfulness
Or stuck in the door
I used to be different
More than what I appear to be
I used to be normal
But you took that
You crushed me
You fro founded me
You surrounded me
In what I never wanted to be
Not me
And that is how I came to where I am today
Because I never could have had it any other way
I have no say in what I wanted to be
Because all of you took that away from me
This is a guilt trip
Iíll show you where Iíve been
To the sour bitterness of hell
And sin
Because you had to take me away from me
To a place you horrible and uncomforting
Iím broken
A broken heart
And broken soul
Because you had to destroy my life
Now I am no longer whole
You damaged me
You pushed me to where I have never been
You destroyed me
Now I am only broken

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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