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Hello Missing Stranger

I am awakened
My eyes are opened and can see everything
I can feel this envy
This tension
This suffering
I am now learning how to defend myself
Against people just like you
People so unjust
So intolerant
And so crude
I have finally made it on my own
Without you as a helper and guide
Because lately I have realized
That you arenít so very wise
Youíre a wash up
A has been
Nothing more or nothing less
And my life has jumped to improvement
With out all of this stress
I have made it to my point in life
When I realize whatís been done
But I also realize that I am better off without you
Because your gonna be the lonely one
I am awakened
And my senses have become aware
That even after I knew you
You werenít ever there
So I feel much better stranger
To know that you were gone
Even when I was so lonely
And I didnít know what was going on
So hello stranger from my past
Are you here to say goodbye
When I never made your acquaintance
And I never knew you as mine
So goodbye stranger from my past
Stranger from my heart
Never seeing you in my time of need
And not knowing where we are
Not knowing what position we were in
Not know any of godís angels
To rescue me from this burden of saying
Hello my missing stranger

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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