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Why is it when were moving
We have to look over our shoulders?
To see where our feet has taken us
And to remember where we were
When memories can brim our eyes
Swallow hard
And cry such tears
When memories can maintain our pride
Our hope
Our fears
When the mirror becomes an enemy
And lies are always spoken
When one becomes so serious
And everyone thinks theyíre joking
Itís appalling
Were falling
From ourselves
Our lives
I am only a voice waiting to be heard
Because no one bothers to see me
I feel for you
Your lies
Puppy eyes
A wolf in sheepís clothing
I learned what find of person you were
From this pain
This world
This suffering
I was tempted by
Satinís lies
And stolen by your words
I thought that I was surrounded
But I am only alone in this world
Itís appalling
Our love is falling
From the truth
The ground
The sky
Where you leave me in the darkest corner
And I find myself asking why
Why werenít you calling?
Why were you stalling?
Why were we falling?
Itís appalling

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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