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What Happened To Our World?

Nothing is true anymore
What happened to our lives?
This used to be a world of love and affection
Now it is full of hate and lies
Before there used to be commitment
Without time being minimized
And without no one ever judging someone
With one look into their eyes
Now there is nothing but hatred
Racism and cruelty
What happened to our worlds?
Our lives?
Our society
Terrorist attacking
People judged at first sight
Robberies and gang brawls
In the middle of the night
What happened to this world today?
My parents talk about how itís a cynical time
About how some people make commitments
Without an open mind
Profound new languages
Spoken everyday
Young teen pregnancies
Fathers never stay
Divorce and unresolved differences
Swallowing the world
Make-up hiding faces
Boys raping girls
What happened to the theory
About how life is perfect the way it is?
When people are dying everyday
But some are never missed
People threatening the innocent
Wives and children strayed
Hoping there was something we could do
But thatís what the world is today

Copyright 2002-Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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