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Where am I in my own life?
I am missing in every scene
I am tied in my own problems
And I am no longer very keen
I am visible in my mirror
How is it that no one can see my face?
I am here but I am missing
I am like a person who’s been erased
No one sees my picture
I am dissolving into nothing
I am erased from the world’s memories
And I have caused nobody suffering
I am only just a memory
But my presence is still alive
My presence appears in the mirror
But not through anyone’s else’s eyes
I am history
A wash up
A memory
Nothing else
Because my face is faded from your eyes
And I am no longer just myself
I am someone who is forgotten
I am erased out of people’s minds
I am nothing more than a memory
And it will not be refined
Because my name has erased from life
Like the rest of everything about me
But nothing more is about of me
Because my face does not appear to be free
I am nothing more than no one
My face is just a blur
Like everything else about me
I am hidden from this entire world
Can anybody see me?
Can anybody see my face?
I have been vanished

Copyright 2002-Dark Poet 13–John Andrew Fowler

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