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Part Of Me

This is probably the most personal poem i have ever written!

Part of me never wants to end this day
And let it go on forever
Where we can have this moment of you and me
And all memories we can sever
Part of me never wants to lose in life
And part of me wants to let you win
Part of me loves you too much
That I want your name tattooed into my skin
Part of me hates this world
And the heartless people in it
Part of me just wants to die
Because I am sick of all of this shit
Part of me questions why people hate me
When I don’t hate them
Part of me hates this entire world
And hates who I am
I want to be a different person
I want to see different things
I want to cry only tears of happiness
And have bliss from what life brings
But part of me is holding me back
And won’t let me be more than me
And part of me does not accept
The person I am meant to be
But part of me won’t accept people
Because past experiences are first impressions
Because I have dealt with many people in this world
And various cruel intentions
Part of me doesn’t know what happiness is
Because my tears have washed away the bliss
And part of me just doesn’t accept people
Well because I am very pissed
And part of me hates everyone
And I know hating is a sin
But part of me hates people just like you
And people who always have to win
And part of me doesn’t want love
Because being judged makes me judge
And every single insult
Makes me hold a grudge
And part of me doesn’t know why I am saying this
Maybe it’s because I have never gotten my turn
Because no one has never listened to me
Even though my time was been earned
Because I thought no words could express my feelings
Well part of me was wrong
Now I will probably live this rest of my life in displeasure
But my heart will always be beating strong

Copyright 2002-Dark Poet 13–John Andrew Fowler

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