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The Internet

I can be a different person
And have a different name
To be able to know where my place is
And where everything has been changed
To know whatever I want to know
And associate with what I cannot see
To be my own individual person
And be what I want to be
To lie without anyone knowing it
And be someone else refined
To be the most evil person of all
And at the same time
Being someone kind
To know all that I want to know
Just by typing a few words
To be able to talk to all of my friends
Even the ones around the world
To explore the places I have never been
And see all that I can
To know all of the important details in life
Even if I don’t understand
To change myself and personality
And be more than what I am
To give advice around the world
By just clicking the word “send”
I can say what people want to hear
And be what is expected
To be the most popular one of all
Even if I am not accepted
I could be someone heroic
And follow my hearts content
I could be the world’s enemy
And at the same time
Be their friend
I could be the loneliest person of all
And not have a single regret
I could do all of the things listed
Surfing on the Internet

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13–John Andrew Fowler

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