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Who Decides

Who decides what is evil?
Could it be the evil person who decides?
Who decides who crying
Who waters the brimmed eyes?
Who decides who is ugly?
When the person deciding could have no alibis
Who decides who is a coward?
Could it be someone who runs and hides?
Who decides who backstabs?
When your neighbor could be your deceiver
Who decides whose soliciting
Do they walk down the street and choose her?
Who decides who makes the rules?
And the rules don’t even apply
Who decides who all of the money goes to
What about the homeless person on the side
Who decides whose ideas
Can make it to the top?
When someone else is driving
Who makes that car stop?
Who decides every moment of everyday
If someone is happy
Or if they’re not?
Who decides in mediocre weather
If someone is cold
Or if they’re hot?
Who decides when rain falls
In the middle of a drought ?
Who decides whose is inspired
Who decides who has doubt?
Who decides to have the ignorant
To open up their eyes
Let me ask life’s question
Who in the world decides?

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13–John Andrew Fowler

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