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My intentions werenít to hurt you
I just wanted you to know
The nothing that you say or do
Has kept me from not wanting to go
But my intentions werenít any bit stronger
Then what your words once said
And my intentions werenít trying to erase the memories
That you and I once had
But no one ever hurt me
Or made me cry such tears
Or made me know what sorrow really is
And have me meet al of my fears
Because my intentions didnít make you cry
Or lose all of your faith
Or come to the moment when you realize
That all of your love is fake
My intentions didnít flatter you
Nevertheless flatter me
Because my intentions didnít try to take your embarrassment
And show it to the world to see
But lets talk about your intentions
And how they tried to take whatís mine
And how you tried to kill all of my pride
And waste all of my time
But those were your intentions
And how you tried to make me believe
All of the lies you said and told
About what I never could be
No one knows my sadness
Because no one knows who I am
Except for the people I care and love
Because I love all of them
But my intentions werenít to hurt you
Which you donít understand
That I can also do what I want
When I can
My intentions werenít your intentions
Which tried to cause me pain
And drown all of my opportunities
And rain on my parade
Maybe my heart can forgive you
With only two acceptations
That you donít try to take whatís mine
And you donít have any hurtful intentions

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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