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I Miss You

Stay out of my life
I donít want you around
Your voice is nothing more
Then a nagging sound
I donít want to see you
Or hear your name
Because I think I have gone through
Enough of your pain
You crushed my heart
And took my life
You slice through my spirit
Like a jagged knife
No more I want to see
The whites of your eyes
Because I have heard enough
Of your repeated lies
Just stay away and donít tough me
Because I donít want to feel your skin
I know that darkness in your eyes
Also lies within
I hate you but I miss you
I miss who you use to be
Now I donít want your presence
Anywhere near me
Because I have seen all that I need to see
And I have heard all that I need to hear
Because all you have is brimmed my eyes
And drowned me by my tears

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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