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Hard Sometimes

Itís hard to not look back
When someone is calling out your name
Itís hard to not feel guilty
When you have yourself to blame
Itís hard to not shed a tear
When you have lost everything that you have got
Itís hard to not stay icy cool
When the sun is blazing hot
Itís hard to not stay quiet
When the world is silent and still
Itís hard to not struggle
When you are held against your will
Itís hard to not surprise someone
When you show up unexpected
Itís hard not to break down and cry
When you alone
Are not accepted
Itís hard to not hate others
When you are completely despised
In this world
Itís hard to not be gender racist
When youíre playing
ďBoys against the girlsĒ
Itís hard to pay attention
When youíre being bothered
By somebody on your side
Itís hard to not come out and confess
When you ran away to hide
Itís hard to not judge someone
When they are different from yourself
Itís hard to maintain a relationship
When you are flirting with someone else
Itís hard to not feel lonely
When no one else is around
Itís hard to not look up
When the world is crashing down
Itís hard to be brutally honest
When the truth is hidden inside
Itís hard to be someone else
When you are different inside your mind
Itís hard not to lose faithfulness
When youíre racing against time
Itís hard to let others know
That it is really hard sometimes
(this is probably my new favorite poem)

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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