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I Tried

I tried to stand by you
But you kept running away
I tried to be just like you
But you were changing day by day
I tried to follow in your footsteps
But you went away to hide
You still canít give me anything
Though I tried
I tried to feel what you were feeling
I try to understand what you say
But you can never stay by
And gratify
Instead you always stray
You left me in the darkness
I tried to wander home
But for you
Nothing is good enough
And thatís why you left me alone
I tried to count how many times
You lied to me before
I tried to forget how many times
You said that no love was for sure
I tried to remember all of the times
You said you loved me
But I canít because that moment
Doesnít exist in my memory
I tried to relieve all of the pain
By doing something that I enjoy
But nothing more comes to a thrill for me
Because all of my joy has been destroyed
I tried to put back together
My lonely and broken heart
But there are too many pieces
Because you ripped all apart
I tried to get over
What we never had
I tried to be something that I am not
And now I a so so sad
I tied to think of something
That you were thinking of
But now you know why I never tried
To turn this into love

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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