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I like this poem a lot. It's about how people are always taking the easy way out in life, and how I am sick of it.

You like easy better than complicated
You like fast better than slow
You like hard better than soft
You like high better than low
You take more than what you give
You take all that is gone
You breathe in all of the air for you
You like betrayal better than taunt
You are given loving hearts
And to all they return back broken
You are shady and mystifies
Even when no ones looking
You wear too many faces
To blur what people see
But they see right through you anyway
And saw what you could be
You are a coward and a deceiver
You walk the short cuts when the path is before you
You lie better than you are honest
You are fake more than true
Shortcuts lead you nowhere
Except where no one wants to know
Which is exactly where you want to be
Itís exactly where you want to go
Shortcuts shortcuts everywhere
And you are the only one who goes
You donít leave any breadcrumbs behind
And yet you think everything you know
Shortcuts are useless
They only take you the easy way out
To the place where no one hears you
Not even where you shout
Stick to the road you are taking
Donít take a shortcut that could lead you to nowhere
Stay to the road you are taking
Donít travel to what isnít there
There is a wrong road and a right road
Donít take the chance of it being wrong
Where everyone comes out useless
And no one comes out strong
Donít travel down the wrong road
To where you donít want to be
If you want to be safe than sorry
Then you can walk down the right road with me

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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