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Apology Unaccepted

I donít forgive you
Your apology was not sincere
Because you have still not unbroken
My broken heart
And you have not washed away my tears
Because nothing can take back
The time that has been wasted
And the words that have been said
I donít want to see you
When youíre in my presence
I want you dead
My heart is very easy to break
And you knew that from the start
But the fact that I gave myself up for you
Opened doors inside my hearts
But then you locked up every door in me
So I couldnít let anybody in
Now I carry on my burdens
Like I carry on my skin
But I have had it
Thatís enough of you
That is enough of all of all of this pain
And even after I left you
I felt that I was to blame
You make me feel less than dirt
And lower than what is fake
You took enough of my dignity
Now my heart you want to break
But I have had enough of it
No one is worth all of this
Now I have lost all that I care for
My only emotion is being pissed
I want you out of my life
Loving you is now regretted
I donít want to know you
Apology unaccepted

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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