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Why did you lie to me?
Do you think I am some big joke?
Donít deny you lied to me
You lied every word you spoke
Did you lie so you could use it against me?
In the future
Or the past
Or so you could win what was never started
Or so I would come in last
Did you lie I would never know
That you lied to me before?
And why did you tell me you loved me?
Was it the truth
Or a lore?
Did you lie so you could hide?
What I never knew
Did you lie so I would believe?
One promise told by you
So I would believe the dishonesty
And never knew what was a lie
Or so you could win over my trust
Or so you could take whatís mine
I canít believe you lied to me
I looked you strait into the eyes
What could have been so crucial?
That you felt you had to lie?

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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