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It's Only Me (colorblind)

Itís not me and you
And itís not you and me
We are nothing that is together
Not even friends we will ever be
You misunderstood me
That is not what I said
How can you mistake something that is blue?
Into something that is red
You are so colorblind
You have mistaken me for someone else
Someone who is a sellout
Someone who cannot hold onto themselves
Itís only me in my life
Let me live without you
Because someone that is colorblind
Would mistake none for one or two
Colorblind or not
I still donít want you around
Because someone who mistake this for love
Must also have lack of sound
Your eyes are not whatíre colorblind
Whatís colorblind is your heart
Because you have never seen my color before
Not even from the start
Your heart is mighty colorblind
But the details of love is color
If you cannot paint our love with colors
Then you will have to find another
I wish you good like while youíre searching
I hope another you will find
That is not also ignorant
But is also colorblind

Copyright 2002 Dark Poet 13ĖJohn Andrew Fowler

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