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Maybe It's Only Me

Maybe I donít want to be like you
Maybe I donít want to be who I am
Maybe I donít want to be like the rest of the world
Maybe I want to be like them
Maybe I donít want to cry over you
I want to cry over me
Maybe I want to cry for what I am
Or what I cannot be
Maybe I am lonely
Or maybe I am depressed
Maybe I am sick of you
Or maybe I am under stress
Maybe I would understand
If you gave me any reasons
Maybe if you got out more
You would acknowledge all of the seasons
Maybe if you were bigger
You could instill some fear
Maybe if you werenít so thirsty
You wouldnít be tasting your own tears
Maybe if you loved me
You wouldnít see me cry
And maybe if you didnít deprive others
You would be so despised
Maybe if I didnít know you
I would be more free
Maybe itís because youíre you insecure
Or maybe itís only me

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