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Cried Too Many Tears

I cried too many tears for you
You’re not worth all of this pain
I cried too many tears for you
They’re falling just like rain
You make me feel so insecure
And I feel there’s nothing left
But the moment I laid eyes on you
Was my biggest regret
You made me feel so unwanted
And so lonely even in a crowd
You make me feel so unheard of
Even when my voice is load
And yet you act so perfect
Like even your errors are correct
You shouldn’t treat people this way
You’re gonna be lonely with regrets
You are not perfect
You never will be
Stop living inside your head
You are nothing more than my enemy
For all I care
You’re dead
But it’s kind of funny
That you yelled at me
You yelled every word you spoke
You can’t treat me like I’m nothing
Do you think my life is some joke?
But you’re the joke
All that I see
Cause you think you’re all big and bad
But you’re gonna be the lonely one
You’re gonna live your whole life sad
I cried too many tears for you
But it was all pointless
You’re nothing to me
Just a joke and one big drama queen
Is all you will ever be
You will life your life in displeasure
Meeting all of your fears
I wasted too much time with you
And I cried too many tears

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