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Prideful And Greedy You

You are a changing my affection
Into cold and bitter hate
You are turning me into something
Thatís at a selfish and spoiled state
You are spreading out the gossip
Of things that are not true
And you are directing all f the attention
Towards prideful and greedy you
You are changing what I used to be
Into something that is now despised
You are failing to attract others
With your cold and empty eyes
You are making me a believer
Of what I used to debate
And you are refining me into someone
Who is living up to hate
You are taking over everything
And inhaling all of the air
And you are making all of us believe in
Something that isnít there
You are not the only one
Who needs to be attended
We will stop you and what as been done
And your attention will be suspended

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