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Peer Pressure

I look at myself in disappointment
Wondering what else I can be
But I cannot make a perfect picture
Because I donít know what others see
I am surrounded by people who hate me
But they hate me because I am
Someone who is different
And someone who is not them
I am noticing people around me
Who look and feel the same
But knowing like me
Causes them great pain
I am not happy with who I am becoming
I am taking in too much stress
I am tired of trying to be someone different
Because thereís no time for me to rest
I have turned down opportunities
The can destroy and enjoy my life
I am passing many roads right now
And I donít know which is the wrong road
Or which is he right
I am facing people who judge me
They judge me everyday
And I donít know what theyíre thinking
Or what they say
I am so confined in feeling
That everyone hold a grudge
And I am trying to change myself
Because I know there are others who judge
These are all in the category
Of the roads of pain and pleasure
All of these subjects are accompany to
The world of envy and peer pressure
Welcome to the real world
Of pain and blinded souls
I am scared of turning the next corner
Because I dread what the future holds
People around me are mocking
What I love about who I am
I am an individual
And I am relieved that I am not them
Thank God!

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