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Angry And Hurt

I am angry because you lied to me
Because telling truth isnít as hard as being deceived
And I am hurt because you said you loved me
And I was stupid enough to believe
I am angry because I am embarrassed
That I actually believed one word you said
And I am hurt because I abandoned everyone I loved
When I thought I loved you instead
But I was wrong and now I am angry
At the one person I already hate
And donít you dare interrupt when I am speaking
Because you were way too late
I am angry because I lied to all
To keep secrets between you and me
But they were never secrets they were stories
And thereís nothing more I can see
I hope you are proud of yourself that you wanted to hurt me
Congratulations youíve succeeded
I hope youíre not angry or hurt by what I wrote
But get over yourself
And just read it
I am only just a person
I cannot handle all this stress
Nothing can get me energetic anymore
Not even when I have golden success
I am angry because you have crushed whatís mine
Into pieces on the floor
And I am hurt because I think that
No one loves me anymore
Is this what you do in your spare time?
Just hurt and confuse others
Why do you like to deprive people?
That donít even want to bother
You must be lonely and uncared for
But I canít imagine why
That some can never love
Some who only steals and always lies
You have no purpose to be living
You are useless to all and I
I wonder how you can live your life
Not knowing why
Because it is not hard to understand
Why you are hated and despised
But maybe I you showed your true self
And took off the hideous disguise
But I donít think thatís possible
You will always stay the same
But donít take it out on others
Because you have yourself to blame
You will always be the person who lies and deserts
But knowing you know you will be lonely all of your life
I bet makes you angry and hurt
Howís it feel?

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