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One Too Many Heartbreaks

This poem is a lot like the poem i have "I Can't Trust Your Love", they are a lot alike.

I canít trust myself with you
I donít know what you are capable of
I donít know if what I am feeling
Is or isnít love
But I donít want my heart broken again
But I donít wanna destroy what you feel for me
But I canít trust what you say anymore
I am so completely confined in life
So I donít know what is real and fake
I donít want you rushing me into this
I need some time for Godís sake
I am so completely and underlie refined
That I donít know you anymore
You tell me that you love me
But I donít know if itís the truth or a lore
I have suffered through one too may heart breaks
That I donít know what is love
And I canít trust myself with you
Because I donít know what I am capable of
Youíre so confined in loving me
I that I question if itís true
And I donít want to live my life knowing
That I gave up on loving you
I cannot trust your love
Because you are shady the way you speak
And you are telling me that our love is so strong
When it really is quit weak
Do you really love me?
And the way I am each day?
Or do you only say you love me
So I would say
ďI love youĒ
But I donít
Now I am confined in a world of lies
I always knew you were always fake
From the moment I looked into your eyes
I am so glad I fell out
Of the fake love that we had
Because knowing you deceived me
Makes me really sad

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