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I Don't Care

I donít care if you are crying
You never cried for me
I donít care if you are lonely
You never bothered to see
That I donít care for you neither
You can die for all I care
You never even noticed me
You never knew I was always there
And I donít care if you are with someone
But I have to sat itís their loss
We were supposed to be together
But you acted like a boss
I hope you read this
You lying sack of shit
But you donít care that I hate you
You werenít even aware of it
I wouldnít care if you were dying
I would like the world better that way
I wouldnít care if you were sad and cold
Even if you were completely strayed
But thatís funny
You never cared for me
Well look whoís laughing now
Youíre so stupid that youíre living a lie
But I have to say wow
I am refined and different now
But that donít mean Iím gonna
Stop laughing in your face
Well maybe if you didnít treat me
Like we were always in a race
Guess whoís feeling salty now
And guess who doesnít care youíre in pain
And donít try to bring your sorry ass back here
Because nothing is the same
I donít care if you are hurting
And I donít care if you are dead
Because personally
I would want you dead instead

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