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Others Who Can Love You

Youíre gonna get over it
Itís not like itís end
We used to be together
Now I only want to be friends
But you wonít let that happen
It has to be something or nothing to you
You say we canít just be friends in this world
You say
ďWe either together or were throughĒ
But why does it have to be that way
Why canít we just be friends?
I mean if you truly love me
Why does it have to be the end
I am sick of you repeating
The same and old thing
Of why canít we be together?
Why donít we see what the world brings?
But we are over
And thereís nothing
That you can say or do to change
Because my life isnít even quite simple right now
Why should I have to rearrange
There are others who can love you
But none of them is me
I canít wait for love to struck
And I canít wait around and see
I will not set myself up for another heartbreak
I have been through one too many
In my life
Because I have screwed up many times before
So I will try to live my life right
Why canít you move on from me?
So you can learn thereís love out there
Because I am tired of you harassing me
You say you love me
But I donít care

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