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Too Late For You

I am too late for you
But I am too early to the rest
I am too early for the gold
But I am not too late for the success
I can understand why you didnít wait for me
But why didnít you chase after me to say
That you do not want to lose me
And you do not want to see me strayed
But you didnít
And I wish you would of
Because I miss the way you were
I wish that I could remember
But my memories are now a blur
I wish I could go back in time
And make new decisions
Because the way I am living right now
I like some huge car collision
I am too late to find you
You are very far away
If only if you would have waited
Or I decided to stay
I wouldnít be in this position
That I feel so insecure
But now I think that I love you
But I am beginning to feel so unsure
But now I know why I am living
I was born to love you
And you were born to know my name
But I am sorry I was too late for you
But nothing is now the same
But I am glad I reach the end of
This long and painful debate
I am sorry I was too early for the others
And I am sorry for you I was way too late

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