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Where Did My Life Go?

Where did my life go?
I just let it slip away
Youíre a loser
And a has-been
I what people sometimes say
I didnít answer it when
Love was knocking at my door
My mind is now empty
And wasted
And now my life is very poor
Where did my life go?
I miss being able to socialize
I can never make up
What I have lost
I have lately realized
I wasnít always this way
You know?
I used to be energetic
And entertained
But now I have nothing to look forward to
This whole life is a hole of pain
Where did my life go?
Where ever it is
I want it back
My life used to be sunny
But now all clouds are black
I have to follow the crowd
When I am behind
And I have to lead the crowd
When I am ahead
Why canít I just walk beside you?
Or not walk at all instead?
I am held back from the future
Because people say
That I am not ready for
The next generation
But when I receive an ounce of fulfillment
People say it deserves a dedication
But I have earned the gold ribbon
On my own
You cannot take what I have received
You cannot have true faith in me
If you donít truly believe
Where did my life go?
I want back
What was truly mine
Where did my life go?
If you find it
Will you let me know?
Because I am looking for what was
Inside my heart
If I donít find it
My whole world will fall apart

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