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Would You Care?

Would you care if I were afraid of you?
Would you care?
I don’t think so
Even if you thought you were gonna lose me
You would still let me go?
Would you care if I were out in the cold?
You couldn’t care
Because you’re you
Would you lend a hand to help me
Even if you had nothing to do?
Would you care I were dying
And I needed you to say
That you have always loved me
Each and everyday
Would you care if you knew I loved you?
And I didn’t want you to go
Would you care if I said
You were the most to me?
Probably not
You would say
“Say it isn’t so”
Would you care if I were your idle?
And I love the way you are
Would you care if I were always thinking of you?
Even if you are very far
Probably not
You still wouldn’t notice me
You still wouldn’t know I am there
Would you care if I would die for you?
You probably wouldn’t care
I would promise the world to you
And I would collect it if you believed
But you wouldn’t care if you had
The whole world in your hands
Because you are so mean to me
You hardly breathe
You have always been the most to me
But would you care if you knew it was true?
You would probably push me aside
Or say
“Do I know you?”
Don’t deny it
Yes you would
You would think I was thin air
You would ignore or never listen to me
And act like I was never there
But what you don’t know is that
I would do anything for you
I would chase the rainbow to collect the gold
I would wait for the never-ending stop to end
Until I was so very old
I would plant every plant seed
So you could have all the air
I would sacrifice my soul for
But you would never ever care!

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