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Tired Of You

If we love each other
Why would we fight?
These conflicts between us
Are the kinds of things that
Keep me up at night
You say so many hurtful things
That makes me feel dead inside
I also have hurtful things to say
But I am tactful enough
To keep them inside my mind
It hurts when you forget about me
Or donít even know Iím there
When I try to get you to
Acknowledge my existence
You look
As all you see is air
Sometimes I regret I ever knew you
And I regret I called your name
Because after a period of time
Everything has been changed
I am tired of listening
To you screaming at me
And I am tired of how
You wonít let me be
Who I want to be
I am tired of you
And your loud voice
And how it is never calm
And I am tired of how you think
You can control me
Like I am held right in your palm
If this is a relationship
Why do we always fight?
If you truly love me
Why would your loud voice
Keep me up at night?
I know you are not perfect
And you canít always be kind
But if we cannot learn to
Sum down our conflicts
I am gonna lose my mind

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