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This poem is about people who want to make this world an evil place. And what we need to do to stop them.

I thought I knew who you were
I thought you were my friend
You told me you would be by my side
Until the very end
But you lied
And you took advantage
Of what I my strengths were inside
You thought I wouldnít see right through you
But you gave yourself up
When you lied
I was tempted to surrender
To you
But then I woke up
You think I would let you take over
And let you interrupt
You are an imposter of a human
Youíre so evil
You hardly breathe
But I wonít just sit there
And let you take away my world
Because I know you deceive
You are an imposter of a human
You are a coward
To the light
Youíre so lonely
You only socialize
In the middle of the night
You must think Iím stupid
To believe all of you dirty lies
Anyone can see your words canít be true
If they took one look in your eyes
You are an imposter to a human
Did anyone ever tell you that?
Anyone with eyes can see
That you are as filthy as a rat
I never knew someone so evil
That their every word was a lie
And they can never show their real self
Because it would make people want to cry
You are an imposter of a human
I know it is one hundred percent true
Because anyone could see youíre evil
If they took one look at you
You have no regrets in your life
And you have done so many horrible things
You have no conscience what so ever
And you try to manipulate
What the world brings
You believe in a world of hate
You think this world isnít evil enough
So you feel you have to create
But there is enough evil in this world
The last thing we need is you
So donít walk around
Acting all big and bad
And acting like you have some work to do
You are a menace to all societies
And you believe in loving hate
And you act like you have a new earth to make
But sorry
You are way to late
You are an imposter to a human
We are way past realizing that
And we are way past knowing
You are as filthy as a rat
But the one thing we have to discuss
Is how to through you on the streets
On your ass
Because the line of out of control
You have already past
So what we need to do
Is negotiate a compromise
Because the anger of all the people
Is already beginning to rise
So I say get the hell out of town
And leave us all alone
Because anyone with eyes can see
An imposter like you
Has a heart made of stone

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