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This isnít where I belong
I donít deserve to be here
You wandered off
And havenít come home
But I know you still are near
I can feel you
So close you my heart
No matter how far away you are
Even though you are
At such a distance
You donít feel very far
You are so very close to me
I can feel you every second of the day
There may be a
Distance of worlds between us
But in my heart is where youíll stay
But knowing I cannot hold you
Makes me want to cry
And knowing for a stretched time
I wonít see you
Makes me want to die
Even though
I have pictures
And memories
From before
I am still not able to see you
Or hear you
I need something
Much more
Like to know you are not lonely
And you are safe
And treated kind
And to know you are thinking of me
Inside of your mind
But that is not all possible
You are still so far away
But deep inside my lonely heart
Is where you will forever stay
I miss you so much
Iím dying
Oh when are you coming home?
I cannot take one more second
Of being so alone
But I will wait until the moment
That I know you are on your way
But tunneled deep inside my heart
Is where you will always stay

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