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Best Day Of My Life

I waited all of my life
For this moment
To come alive
I am waiting for you to come
To my heart
And call it home
You are everything to me
And I love
Everything about you
And what you are made of
But I have to question
If we are falling apart
Because I donít want to leave
I want to be living in your heart
I donít know
If you are noticing
What you are
And what you are to me
But if you can see
Right through my soul
You will know what I can be
Tell me so I am not asking
The same question
All my life
Because I donít know
If something is wrong
Because I donít know
What is right
My life is really funny
When I look over it all
Because the length of my accomplishments
Is less then a foot tall
But I will waste my life trying
To do something
That I canít do
But this is still
The best day of my life
Because I know I still have you

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