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Risking Everything

I have fallen into a hole of you
Your love completes my day
And I donít know how to say this
In any other way
When I die
I want to be in your arms
I know itís a shock
And a big alarm
But I donít know how
To live my life
With ever loving you
And to be by you forever
Is the on thing
That I long to do
But I am waiting for the moment
To look you in the eyes
And tell you that I love you
And you are my biggest prize
But I am questioning
That I love you
I donít know how to retrieve
The promises I have made to you
And the words you have received
But I donít think you can handle
Taking my heart
And loving it
Because part of me thinks
You will abandon it
Or through it into shit
But I will not approach you
Because it would be
Risking everything
So I will wait for a sign
From a higher power
And I will see what
The world brings

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