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**Welcome To The Reality**

I am waking up to reality
My see only you
But I am making sure
You don’t see me
Because I am new
To what you do
I am crying
For an answer
But my tears
Can never fall
The distance I want
Them to drop
Because they are not reaching
The ground at all
And I am noticing
You are mocking me
Behind my back and face
I am learning how
To ignore it
But memory
Keeps getting erased
And I am busting my ass
To save what’s mine
But when I screw up
I knows this life
Can never rewind
But this reality
And this is my new life
I don’t know when I
Am being mislead
Because I don’t know
What’s wrong
And what’s right
This is a new world for me
And I don’t understand
Everything that is see
But don’t say
“Welcome to the new world”
Because I am not welcome
I am stuck
I cannot escape the cruelty
And I am completely fucked
This world is totally different
From what I used to know
I cannot bring back
My memories
From such a long time ago
You pushed me
Into something
I just cannot handle
Right now
But I made it this far
And I ask myself
Because you are the
Only reason
I am where I am
But you cannot relate
To me
Because you’ve never heard people say
“Welcome to the new world
This is where your gonna stay”

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