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Count The Stars

I was told to turn around
So I wouldnít see
What you have to hide
But I saw it anyway
And your secrets
Are now in my mind
You have taken away my enjoyment
And replaced it with woe
Now the pain
That you have caused
You now will get to know
I will not burry my solution
Or hide what I can use
If you want to know what we all feel
Then why donít you turn on
The fuckin news?
You donít even know us
And yet you hate us
But why donít you look inside
And see if you have a small conscience
Or have some love inside your mind
I donít think donít thatís possible
Because you hate without reason
But who cares
It would take as long for us
To forgive you
As it would take as long for you
To count the stars
But I have not yet become as bitter
As all of your hearts are inside
You donít even know me
And yet you want me dead
That thought is disturbing
Inside my head

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