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Perfect Someone

I was taken by your smile
You deceived me
With your eyes
And I never could see past them before
Because you were wearing a thick disguise
I never knew I could be lonely
Until I left you
Not so long ago
And you never knew you had regrets
Until you lost your beau
We never knew so much sadness
Until we decided to part
But you are only human
And thatís why you broke my heart
But frankly Iím glad we came to our senses
Because loneliness
Is worse than hate
Now I know
We could never of stayed together
Because it wasnít love
It was debate
We are parting for the last time
Isolation is to come
We can never be together
Because you can never love
I am tired of sitting and waiting
For love I know is out there
Because I am looking for someone
Who gives and love
And can also live with care
I am looking for someone
Who loves
Not lusts
I want to take it one step at a time
But a perfect someone
Is out there for me
And they are no one I cannot define

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