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Wake Up Call

I donít want to see you
I donít want to hear your name or voice
I donít want to face you
But it looks like I donít have a choice
I hate the fact
That youíre always around
And that I have to see you everyday
I hate the fact
That I have to show some love
In any type of way
And I have to be told to say
ďI like youĒ
One way or another
So you donít get the impression
That I donít entirely despise you
But you donít care
So why should I bother
I am being confined
In the world I am living in
And I am stuck
To hear your name
But I donít have to put up
With it much longer
Because everything is about to change
Yes, you are gonna be so lonely
And abandoned with regrets
And I canít wait until the moment
When you realize
Your new and unimproved life
Has been set
And I wonít feel guilty
When Iím laughing in your face
And youíre crying in my arms
But donít you dare begin to panic
And donít you dare act
So god damned alarmed
But relax itís just a warning
And a personalized reality check for you
But donít act like youíre off the hook
Because youíve got a lot of shit to do
Iím waiting for an answer
This is a wake up call
But if you donít get off you ass
Right now
It will turn into nothing at all

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