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I lied so you would look at me
I lied so you would know
That I lied because I love you
And Iím not gonna let you go
I lied so I could cover up
All of the reasons you would say, ďnoĒ
And I lied so you wouldnít know
That I lied not so long ago
I lied because I love the way
You look into my eyes
And I lied so I could stop
Those painful and heart aching cries
And I also lied because you lied
And I wanted to even the score
I lied so I could avoid hurting
The heart I so much adore
But I mostly lie because I love you
And I didnít wanna see you cry
But can you really say
That you donít lie
If you looked into my eyes?
You couldnít
Because that would be a lie
But lying is part of our nature
Itís what makes us who we are
But we can lie all of the time
Because it would leave an inner scare

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