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Revenge Is A True Bitch

Donít touch me!
I donít want to feel your cold and bitter skin
I have seen a lot of betrayal in my life
But I am never seen so much sin
I loved you and you stepped on me
Like youíve stepped on hearts before
I treated like a goddess
And you treated me like a horse
I gave you everything
That meant something
Including my heart
My soul
And my pride
I kept all of the feeling
I felt were wrong
Inside my ignorance mind
But damn I was so stupid
My eyes just couldnít see
That all you care for
And live by
Is causing others
But I do know all of you secrets
And all of your regrets
And fears
And I do know you get so much joy out of
Causing others tears
But whose fault is that I ask
Is it your mom?
Or your dad?
Or your peers?
No it is only your fault
You cannot disown your actions
I know you think you may rule the world
Because of your attraction
But I know all of your secrets
And you know they can be told
And at the tip of my tongue
Is where all your secrets are hold
And I can see that all of your observations
Are aware of shit
So in my hand I hold your life
And the juicy stuff within
But I have to say to you right now
That revenge is a true bitch
Isnít it?

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