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Why Should I

Why should I live up to others expectations?
And not live up to my own?
And why should I stay where I am uncomfortable?
Instead of being at my home?
And why should I have to sit and listen to you?
If I donít agree with what you say?
And why should I have to go to bed early?
If Iím gonna sleep in the next day?
And why should I not argue?
When Iím involved in a debate?
And why should I have to love?
When Iím allowed to hate?
And why should I watch educational television?
If I learned enough in school?
And why should I let people step on me?
And let them treat me like a fool ?
I am forced to various orders
Against my word or will
So why should I have to listen?
If I want to hang with my friends?
And chill?

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