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That's Life

I am treated like
A lost cause
That no ones eyes
Can see
And I have put up with
All of the vengeance
And nothing but
Others self pity
And I have dealt
With all of the lectures
About how life
Is so unrefined
And I have sat through
All of the discussions
About how people
Can be so unkind
I have to take in all
Of the disagreements
And when I argue
I am never right
And I have to listen to the
Tempting voice of satin
In the day time
And in the night
The speeches do go in one ear
And they do stay inside
But I am sorry that I am not
Always on my feet
But excuse me
I have a lot on my mind
But I will deal with your
Self-involved lectures
And I will listen to
What’s discussed
But all of this ignorance
And envy
Is turning my concentration
Into dust
But I will live my life
In displeasure
And I will deal with
Never being right
But I hope you know
You’ve disrupted my life
And I hope that keeps you up
At night

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